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Oct 25, 2019

Today's episode is all about enhancing our relationship with God. In his unique and encouraging way, Darryn Zewalk shows us how God's promises to us are 100% genuine if we are willing to build a true and trusting connection with our Savior.

RHYME FOR THE END TIMES: Don't Lose Your Relationship With God.


Oct 19, 2019

When God is the central focus of your life, and you've committed your existence to serving Him and doing His will, He will grant you the highest of favor. On today's podcast, Darryn uses scripture as proof that Believers in Christ are truly blessed and highly favored.

RHYME FOR THE END TIMES: When God is your Savior, He...

Oct 11, 2019

Trusting God's word in both good and bad times is critical to our well-being. On today's podcast, Darryn offers a compelling and encouraging message to inspire and strengthen our faith in the Lord's promises in our lives.

RHYME FOR THE END TIMES: God will never contradict what His word depicts.