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Apr 25, 2019

Today, our host - Darryn Zewalk - sits down with author and motivational speaker, Jonathan Oliver (aka J.O.) to discuss how God can help us turn our troubles into triumph. On this episode, we delve into Jonathan's lifelong struggles with ADHD and Dyslexia, to discover proof that ALL THINGS are possible through faith in...

Apr 18, 2019

This week, Darryn Zewalk is joined by author and U.S. military serviceman Michael Womack to discuss an issue that is very present in the church today... depression. We hear how Mr. Womack overcame depression through faith in Jesus Christ, and how God helped him finish his book "From A Soldier's Perspective".

Apr 11, 2019

On this 4th and final day of the Stop, Pause, and Pray series, Darryn Zewalk assures us - through God's word, and his own powerful words of encouragement - that the Lord has our back no matter what.

1. Rhyme for the End Times: I know that God has my back, so I have no fear of the devils upcoming...

Apr 4, 2019

Day 3 of the Stop, Pause, and Pray series is all about smiling despite your trials. Today, Darryn focuses on how awesome our God truly is, and why it's important to remember that no matter what comes our way, God is faithful.

1. Rhyme for the End Times: God will always put a smile at the end of every...